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Academic Pre-requisites

The course is offered at the Junior year level, and preference will be given to students enrolled in the FIU Honors College. Students from other local institutions who meet the requirements may be accepted on a space-available basis. There are NO prerequisites for this course. Spanish language skills are not required, but will greatly enhance the experience; it is recommended that students take a beginning Spanish course if they have no background in the language.

Legal Pre-requisites

All participants will need a valid passport from their country of nationality, and the appropriate papers/visas to re-enter the USA after the trip (in the event that they are not US citizens). To enter Peru, non-student citizens of the Americas (except Cuba) and the European Union do not need any documentation other than a valid passport. For students participating in the field course, however, a student visa may be required. As there is a Peruvian consulate in Miami, it should be possible to arrange any necessary visas with minimal inconvenience.

Medical Pre-requisites

The major portion of the field component of the course will take place is a relatively isolated area of the Amazon where specialized medical care is not immediately available and where amenities for handicapped persons are simply non-existent. A doctor’s consultation and notification of lack of major health problems or considerations will be required prior to participation on the field component of the course. Students should consider their health status before signing up for the course in the spring semester. Persons in reasonable health and physical condition should have no problems in participating in the field component of the course.

Who should sign up for the course?

Students from all majors are welcome, but students must ensure that their schedule will permit them to participate in the field component of the course in the Peruvian Amazon during the Summer B session in order to receive the full year of Honors credit (6 credits).

Students who do not wish to be challenged need not apply, but course participants should also have a sense of humor, adventure, and fun (we will have fun!). Prior to acceptance into the course, prospective students will be interviewed individually to determine that they have the necessary background and that they understand the full nature of the course, particularly of the required field component in the Amazon. A maximum of 12-15 students will be accepted for the course.