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The figures below are estimated and anticipated costs for the program. Every effort will be made to ensure that costs do not rise above what is quoted below, but students must realize that we have no control over airfares, the price of fuels, etc., and that some adjustments may be necessary.

The cost for the 3-credit Amazon study abroad component of the Amazon Program (without airfare) will be announced in August.

What's included in the cost

  • Airport reception upon arrival in Iquitos; assistance with baggage, transfers and check-in for departure from Iquitos. Transfer to/from airport to hotel/port in Iquitos.
  • Hotel accommodation in Iquitos, all meals while in Iquitos as part of the course.
  • All river transportation to/from the field stations visited during the study abroad program. Any speedboat and skiff use during the course for project implementation, supply delivery, etc.
  • Accommodations at field stations including mattresses, linens, towels, pillows, etc.
  • All meals at field stations and during river transportation. With advance notice, vegetarian diets and other dietary restrictions/requirements can be accommodated.
  • Services of boat crews, field station employees, etc.

The Following are NOT included in the cost:

  • Airfare from Miami-Lima-Iquitos-Lima-Miami
  • FIU Tuition for the course
  • OEA fees
  • Any additional airfares that may be required between your home and Miami International Airport (MIA), or for travel elsewhere in Peru before or following the the study abroad program.
  • Any costs of travel to the designated airline counter at MIA (whether by personal car, taxi, bus, or other is not included in the study abroad program pricing.
  • Participants electing to remain in Peru past the end of the study abroad program are personally responsible for any additional hotel and travel costs, and for any change of airline ticket fees that may apply.
  • Fees for passports and other travel documents that may be needed.
  • Vaccination costs - Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Tetanus
  • Tips for boat crews and field station employees, alcoholic beverages (for those over 21) and carbonated drinks (sodas).
  • Prescription medicines, insect-repellent, personal toiletry items, souvenirs, etc.


Money & Money Exchange:
US dollars are widely accepted in Iquitos, and most stores/hotels will change dollars into Nuevo Sols (the Peruvian currency) at the official rate. For souvenirs, drinks, tips, personal and other incidental expenses, students should not need more than US $200-300 in personal funds. Credit cards are accepted at some stores, restaurants and hotels and at airports. Cash machines (ATM's) are widely available in Iquitos and other large cities, and both US dollars and Peruvian Nuevo Soles can be withdrawn if you have a card with a PIN number. Cash advances from credit cards can be made at some banks. Travelers Checks are not accepted except at some banks, and should not be brought. US bills should be unworn and free of tears, and major blemishes, or they may not be accepted. Vendors will reject bills with even very small rips!  Money changers on the streets should not be used to change funds - they may slip you counterfeit bills or cheat you on the exchange rates. Changing money in stores and in banks is safe and there is negligible difference in the exchange rates received.